It's My Birthday!!!

The older the more I love celebrating my birthday. On Sunday, January 28, I will be 42. Or better yet, celebrating the 20th anniversary of my 22nd birthday, my senior year of college. When I was in my 20's, I thought 42 was old. I thought I would married with kids. I thought I would get this art/writing thing out of my system. 

Well, I'm not married. I don't have kids. I am SO HAPPY I never got that art/writing thing out of my system. This month my flash nonfiction essay The Day I Got My Life Back was published in the literary journal Under the Gum Tree. In my lithography class, I signed out the largest stone in the studio-32x24 and will put some image on there. Today, I submitted a grant application to Mass Cultural Council. So, the art/writing thing is going strong.

To celebrate my birthday, I am having a sale. All prints are 42% off to celebrate me being 42!

So, celebrate my birthday and buy a print!